T-Mobile’s new G1 Phone, the very first phone to operate on the much coveted Android Platform from Google is the talk of town, in fact lets rephrase that, it’s the talk of the globe! We all want one, but when can we get our hands on the G1 phone in the UK?

Everywhere we look there are news article galore about the G1 this and the G1 that, but why is it that everthing we read is always aimed at the US market? Ok so when it comes to release dates, we’re used to playing second fiddle to our friends across the atlantic, but that’s not the problem. It’s not that we need to know we can get a G1 before the US, we simply want to know when we can get one at all.

Well you may have seen already that pre orders for the G1 in the US have been and gone before many new about it, and those lucky enough to have got their order in can expect delivery on October 22. So far the only promises we have had for a UK release date for the G1 Phone is early November 2008, but we’ve heard from T-Mobile that we can expect a pre order window for the G1 phone to open in mid October.

Considering how quickly the US pre order window closed after opening, we’d suggest all of us who want to get our hands on the G1 phone on the day it gets released in the UK, and that is all of us, get our pre orders in the minute we see that window open.

Rest assured, the moment we hear T-Mobile are accepting pre orders for the G1, we will be covering it all over this website, and we’re quietly confident that will be the day that we get an official UK release date for the G1 phone.

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