Pink G1 Phone? – Ok girls, and some of you boys, since hearing about the latest phone to take mobile technology to the next level, we’ve all been asking, can we get one in pink?

Although there is no evidence to suggest T-Mobile will introduce a pink g1 phone, we all know it would be a best seller and a must have for many.

Join our campaign for a Pink G1 Phone
We’re looking for as many of you as possible to join our campaign for a pink g1 phone and see if we can’t convince T-Mobile to make it happen.

Post your reponses below and lets keep our fingers crossed.

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12 Responses to “PINK G1 PHONE”

  1. Suzy Says:

    Oh, definitely darling! I want one to make the boy’s wink ;)

    lol, I got a pink RZR the moment they hit the shelves and I absolutely loved it just because it was pink! A pink G1 phone would be a perfect upgrade. Give it to me T-mobile! After all, it totally suits your brand colour.

  2. kwilber Says:

    My husband just got his G1 in the mail. When he opened the first thing I said was “I want a pink one!”

  3. lucy Says:

    Please we need a pink g1 I’ll be the first one and all my friends not even iphone would think about it…….it will very sexy/cute

  4. Jacqui Says:


  5. Courtney Says:

    I have a g1 now and i’d spend my last 4 a pink one! I love my phone but i’d love a pink one even more………T mobile, you can’t go wrong with it!

  6. Jessica Says:

    My g1 looks like a pink g1. i just got a skin from tmobile somthing like that and now it looks like a baby pink g1 :) i love it

  7. Lisa Says:

    Yes yes yes pink is my fav colour please make one !!!!!

  8. dedee Says:

    Yes I googled pink g1 in the hope there’d be 1 out there somewhere, and I came across this site. Pink is my absolute favorite color.I have a sidekick and I bought a pink skin to cover my phone just so it’d feel pink. If ya’ll made a pink g1 I’d be 1st in line 4 one. The white one is hot… pink would be fire!!

  9. leigh Says:

    i really want g1 but i want it in pink :)

  10. lazarus Says:

    I have a G1, and my girlfriend is looking to buy a smartphone. She likes mine, and has seen aftermarket cases for it in pink. T-Mobile should make one, just because it would boost sales to female buyers. GO PINK G1!!!!!

  11. Janice Says:

    Pink G1 would be absolute heaven, please Tmobile please please issue the G1 in pink

  12. kathy Says:

    please t-mobile have a pink g1 because i loved pink for my whole life and im getting a phone soon and i would love that my first phone was a pink G1. if you have a pink g1 more girly girls will buy it so please!!!!! have a pink g1.
    thank you

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