I’ll keep this brief, what the hell are you doing on this page? Go order your G1 Phone now or you’ll be to late!

Here, let us help, follow this link:

Order your G1 Phone now

Mobile Broadband | USB modem, Mobile Broadband Plus (24 months)

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4 Responses to “ORDER A G1 PHONE NOW”

  1. flipper Says:

    I attempted to follow this link earlier in the day, only to reach a pre-order page only. Now I’m home and actually able to try again I find the ordering simply doesn’t work. Is this because they’ve run out? Don’t like my macbook? Or simply a 3g o2 iPhone style screw up? *sigh* no g1 for flipper :(

  2. admin Says:


    The Flext 40 price plan still has G1 Phones available in the white. If you follow the link again and select this option, you may still be in time to order one.

  3. flipper Says:

    I’ve got an order in now, thanks. I don’t know what the problems were with the ordering page earlier but they do seem to have been fixed. Fingers crossed that the van arrives early!

  4. admin Says:

    Nice one Flipper.

    Do let us know what you think of it when it arrives.

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