The big question we all want answered is how much is the G1 Phone, or as some refer to it the Google Phone going to cost us?

Well rumour has it that although the G1 Phone has been pre sold in the US at a decent premium, it may be available for FREE in the UK (probably in exchange for a lengthy contract we expect).

None the less, if there is any truth in this rumour, the google phone, sorry G1 phone, is set to banish the iPhone to dark cold lonely cupboards up and down the UK, possibly for good.

Gives us your views on the strengths, weaknesses and comparisons between the G1 Phone and the poor old iPhone.

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2 Responses to “FREE G1 PHONE”

  1. Jim G Says:

    Thanks a bunch Google there are some who cannot get T mobile i.e. in the Isle of Man so we are excluded, what about selling it no contract

  2. deron Says:

    i looking for one i need one bad

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