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Friday, October 24th, 2008

There have been some negative talk about the G1 Phone not being equipped for business users but some clever people at CompanionLink Software have grasped the whole open source idea for the G1 Phone which runs Google’s Android mobile operating system. They have developed a two-way synchronization solution for Microsoft Outlook and Google Android devices.

To get Microsoft Outlook contacts on their Google Android phone, users will need CompanionLink for Google Android. In addition to contacts, the software also synchronizes Microsoft Outlook calendar events, recurring appointments, tasks, and alarms and reminders with Google Android phones. The synchronization of data with the phones occurs wirelessly without any user intervention.

The app isn’t available on Google’s Android Market, but CompanionLink for Google Android is available from the company’s website for $29.95. More information about the solution can be found at

Well done guys.


Thursday, October 23rd, 2008

The phone that’s built for the internet, every time I write a new article about a G1 Phone app I think I’m going to start it with that sentence, I just hope people understand how mobile apps are going to change the mobile phone experience.

My first apps article for the G1 Phone is dedicated to mobile social networking and who other than MySpace to be the first to unveil an app that allows you to stay connected. Available through the Google’s Android Market. The killer app allows G1 Phone users to do anything that they would normally do from their own pc’s including upload pictures which have been taken by there own G1 Phone.

It looks like Facebook lovers will have to wait, let just hope that they bring something out by the time it hits the UK market on the 30th October.


Tuesday, October 21st, 2008

The closer we get to the release date,¬†the more we get to see.¬†This can only¬†mean more ways of getting your hands on a G1 phone early. With the official release date of the G1 Phone on 30th October 2008 this weekend alone has seen the release of a teaser advert in the national tabloid papers and the chance the win a G1 Phone everyday on the T-Mobile G1 phone website. The promotional game simply titled ‘The G1 game’ see a number of Google Map pins scattered across the UK, all you have to do is collect as many as possible in the alloted time frame, the more you get, the more time you’re allowed to keep searching. All you need to collect is 5 pins to enter the draw to win a G1 Phone everyday. A word of warning, this game is very addictive so watch out for the boss!

Oh, and you might want to turn the volume on your computer down too, although the music is hypontising!

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