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Wednesday, January 7th, 2009

This has been a big topic of discussion amongst all of us interested in a G1 Phone. Since ditching my Nokia almost 5 years ago, I had until recently been inseperable from my Blackberry. For me, as a business owner who is out of the office frequently and receive a large number of e-mails on a daily basis, the Blackberry was one of those products that makes you wonder how you ever survived without it. 

Then, a few months back I got heavily involved with researching the G1 Phone for this website and found myself analysing the main contenders.¬†It’s fair to say, I was researching content for the new G1 Phone and so it was only natural that¬†I would feel a sense of romance for the G1 and wanted¬†so much for it to supersede my Blackberry.

For some reason also, I¬†was becomming¬†increasingly more anti iPhone, possibly because I kept hearing how good it was and in the back of my mind, if I was going to give up my Blackberry for anything, I desperately wanted it to be the G1 Phone because I was so excited about Google’s android platform.

So what happened? Yeah, I got myself the G1 Phone as soon as they hit the shops and I love it. I also got an iPhone and I love that too. My poor old Blackberry, my mobile office that could run my business without requiring any office furniture was now cast aside to the bottom drawer of my desk and has been quickly forgotten.

The verdict? The iPhone really is very good, its incredibly user friendly and looks and feels the business. I’m also used to iTunes also which made this an instant hit with me. The G1 Phone? Although the G1 is not as slick as the iPhone, you need to get over this and look at what is truly exciting about this phone. Google’s android platform promises so much and as much as I’m familiar with iTunes, there’s nothing I use on a daily basis more than google and I can’t help feeling that the promise of this platform has got innovation and gadget lovers holding their breath, just waiting for it’s true potential to be unearthed over the comming months.

So not to get away from the title of this post, “Is the G1 Phone Good For Business Use?” the answer is yes, but there are better. The exact same can be said for the iPhone. The reality is, if all you care about is running your business then the Blackberry is the one for you, but trust me, once getting your hands on¬†the G1 Phone or iPhone you’ll quickly discover that instant e-mail¬†is not so important after all. The web browsers on the G1 Phone and iPhone are also so much better than that of the Blackberry that depending on the business use you need it for, you may well find them more effective for you than the Blackberry.¬†

To sum up, you won’t be throwing out the office furniture after purchasing a G1 phone, but you’ll be more than happy to be sat at your desk playing with the extensive features of this phone for a long time to come. I just can’t wait for the next version to be released.

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